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Supply Chain Design

Strategic thinking meets practical application

Optimal supply chain design is critical to ensure the availability of products to consumers in the most efficient manner. Thoucentric helps organizations in designing their supply chain with evolving business models and changing customer preferences to unlock value and optimize the operations. We thereby help organizations stay ahead of the curve.

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Latest Thinking

Intelligent Distribution Models

Automatic replenishment systems configured by AI/ML enabled scientific norms are increasingly becoming a key differentiator in managing Omni Channel Distribution models. An agile alignment to changing consumption patterns is now crucial to capture and sustain business growth.

End – End Supply Chain Simulation

In the post pandemic scenario, businesses are increasingly prioritizing the ability to respond quickly to changes in the business environment. Various technology solutions such as a control tower facilitates such agility.

Our Solutions

Thoucentric offers subject matter expertise to drive complex transformation programs and deliver efficient implementation with process adherence.

Case Studies

Transportation Optimization for Australian Retail Chain

Thoucentric optimized inbound transportation and established the optimum store replenishment network for an Australian retail chain by preparing multiple business to perform cost benefit analysis and define a plan of action. This led to a projected cost savings of ~28 Mn AUD through improved supplier efficiencies and reduced frequency of deliveries to the stores.

Greenfield Warehouse Automation

Thoucentric helped a Global paint manufacturer to refine and implement the warehousing processes, enabling automation of operations at green field facilities. The project doubled the production capacity and reduced the necessary manpower by approximately 75%. We managed the overall project from Technical design to implementation of the core WMS and its integration with Warehouse Automation Systems.

Network optimisation

Thoucentric has worked on multiple solutions to optimise the supply chain network – recommending the best combination of warehouses and transportation models to service the required demand. Our solutions also unlocked potential opportunities for reduction of inventory, time to service and cost to service to consumers through better utilisation of the assets.

Inventory Reconciliation through Image Processing

Leveraging image processing technologies, we have offered solutions to reduce the time required in carrying out statutory Stock take. The images of the inventories are is taken using drone cameras and cameras mounted at pre-defined strategic locations. The captured images are then processed using AI/ML algorithms to count the stock. This solution can potentially reduce the necessary manpower for stock reconciliation by up-to 95%.

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Supply Chain
Supply Chain
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Satyam Tiwari

Practice Lead- Supply Chain Design

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