My ThouC story

Thoucentric is an ‘Ethos’ that epitomises the essence of being a good human… living a life of purpose… being life itself! We breed the basic human values of trust, nimbleness, freedom, compassion, integrity, passion, persistence & conviction. We are an extension of ourselves together! Come along. Be a part of life!

A lot of good work and whole lot of fun too.. the unique thing here is how the families are also made to feel part of the fun! my family really enjoyed the last family event


Have heard of organizations with flat structures, but this is the first time I am experiencing an organization with no designations! It is truly an empowering culture...

Jim Kim

lot of us are involved in organizational initiatives and the execution also ensures our inputs matter!


Happy Third, Thoucentric! Let`s Run

ONE TEAM ONE DREAM   We are a bunch of consultants who don’t need an occasion to party. Living by the mantra “work hard, party harder”, we have had blasts at the company organised parties, be it the “Crossing 50″, ” The new year’s”, or a client/vendor party.   This 11th March however, we had a bigger occasion- our 3rd anniversary. With any normal organization, employee would assume to be going for a grand celebration!!! However we are not your usual consulting company. Right from the way we deliver our projects to the way we celebrate, everything about us is different. Continuing the tradition, this time we decided to wake people up at 5 AM and go for a run instead; This anniversary, instead of partying we pledged to take care of our health for the people we love and care about.   We had a Marathon/walkathon organised for our employees and their families on our 3rd anniversary thus motivating people to take a step forward and encouraging them to spend some time in knowing and challenging self to set personal benchmarks by participating in the event; the only competition being between the person you are today, and what you will be... read more

Learning continues..

We at Thoucentric believe in continuous learning and we are trying to build this as a part of our culture & DNA. A culture where learning never stops! Recently Jim Kim, a team member at Thoucentric, got PMP certified. We caught up with him for a casual coffe chat to know more about his journey. First, I would like to congratulate you for getting PMP certified. Jim: Thanks a lot. We would like to know why you went for this Certification? Jim: I have been managing multiple projects for past few years, with focus on implementing best practices. Most of the learning was from my MBA days and experience I gained working with my peers and Managers. But still, I felt something was missing, so I thought about gaining formal certification in the field would help in bridging the gap. With multiple certifications on Project Management available, I found PMP from PMI as one of the most rigorous and globally accepted certificate for Project Management Professionals. So, I decided to go for it. That’s good, would you like to share your certification Journey. Jim: The first step was to gain formal 35 contact hours, which one could get through a classroom or online session. I chose classroom sessions at a local center in Bangalore. The next step was to complete the application online on PMI site, where information regarding PM work experience and other details needs to be provided. Once the application is accepted, exam can be scheduled. Before scheduling the exam, I needed to prepare, which was the toughest part. I read PMBOK guide thoroughly, which has all... read more

recruiting process overview

We are looking for motivated, team oriented, self- starter professionals to join us in our endeavor to build a business focused on success of our clients. Culturally, we expect individuals to go beyond their job descriptions and contribute to the growth of the company.

To ensure that both us and you are absolutely sure about this match, we try to answer the 3 fundamental questions! And at times these questions can be answered in just single conversation while in some other cases it might take even 5.

Question 1

Shouldn`t we know each other?

The purpose here is to know each other. We would like to know your aspirations, your background and what you like to do outside of the work. At the same time, we would like to tell you about us and our plans as organization as well. The idea is also to see if we are a right fit for each other.

Question 2

Can we together make our clients happy?

This is where we go deep into your functional expertise, your willingness and ability to translate your learning from one domain to other functional domains. This is where we also discuss your functional interest areas.

Question 3

Are we the match made in heaven?

The culture that we have carefully nurtured at Thoucentric is of paramount importance to us. And hence we engage with all candidates to see if culturally and fundamentally we complement each other. In a nutshell, we want everyone to be excited about the Mondays!

Job Opportunities