My ThouC story

Thoucentric is an ‘Ethos’ that epitomises the essence of being a good human… living a life of purpose… being life itself! We breed the basic human values of trust, nimbleness, freedom, compassion, integrity, passion, persistence & conviction. We are an extension of ourselves together! Come along. Be a part of life!

A lot of good work and whole lot of fun too.. the unique thing here is how the families are also made to feel part of the fun! my family really enjoyed the last family event


Have heard of organizations with flat structures, but this is the first time I am experiencing an organization with no designations! It is truly an empowering culture...

Jim Kim

lot of us are involved in organizational initiatives and the execution also ensures our inputs matter!


We are now certified by Great Place To Work

Ever since our inception, we have focused on building a team which is more inclusive, offers flexibility and freedom to our employees, fosters a culture of mutual trust and respect. All these efforts paid off when we received our Great Place To Work certification. It...

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Thoucentric welcomes the campus hires!

Thoucentric continues to grow strongly. After welcoming our first batch of summer interns from the top B schools of India, we also welcomed our second batch of full time hires from these schools. As a part of our first internship program, we hired summer interns from...

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recruiting process overview

We are looking for motivated, team oriented, self- starter professionals to join us in our endeavor to build a business focused on success of our clients. Culturally, we expect individuals to go beyond their job descriptions and contribute to the growth of the company.

To ensure that both us and you are absolutely sure about this match, we try to answer the 3 fundamental questions! And at times these questions can be answered in just single conversation while in some other cases it might take even 5.

Question 1

Shouldn`t we know each other?

The purpose here is to know each other. We would like to know your aspirations, your background and what you like to do outside of the work. At the same time, we would like to tell you about us and our plans as organization as well. The idea is also to see if we are a right fit for each other.

Question 2

Can we together make our clients happy?

This is where we go deep into your functional expertise, your willingness and ability to translate your learning from one domain to other functional domains. This is where we also discuss your functional interest areas.

Question 3

Are we the match made in heaven?

The culture that we have carefully nurtured at Thoucentric is of paramount importance to us. And hence we engage with all candidates to see if culturally and fundamentally we complement each other. In a nutshell, we want everyone to be excited about the Mondays!

Job Opportunities