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Ideate. Build. Evaluate. Deliver

We enable our clients to make informed decisions by building sate of the art solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning and new age technologies. We bring together the necessary capabilities critical to drive digital transformation to power the business.

Latest Thinking

Digital transformation to unlock growth across industries

AI/ ML driven solutions act as a key differentiator, enabling organizations to take informed decisions by providing actionable insights. Thoucentric team of experts are helping organizations define their analytics strategy and execution roadmap to gain competitive advantage.

Playbook for winning business strategies during unforeseen events

Thoucentric transformative solutions, powered by machine learning, delivers value during volatile demand, supply disruptions and fast changing consumer behaviour during unforeseen events such as pandemic.

Our Solutions

Case Studies

ML driven demand sensing using potential demand drivers

We developed ML based demand sensing tool that uses potential demand drivers including exogenous and indigenous factors for short term projections. Our dynamic machine learning mechanism and robust validation process ensured more accurate forecast than traditional methods.

The proposed solution for a CPG firm led to an increase in forecast accuracy by over 15% points across SKUs. This in-turn led to higher service levels and improved inventory levels.

AI powered planner bot for production planning

Developed a production planning solution to generate SKU wise plans with adherence to all the production constraints. The solution mimics a planner’s behavior with approximately 95% accuracy thereby reducing man-hours by 65%.

ML powered Predictive Quality tool to proactively reduce defects

Thoucentric ML powered solution helped reduce quality rejections by identifying the drivers that lead to quality defects. The solution helped to proactively control various equipment parameters to bring the key parameters within desired range – reducing the quality defects by 35%. This in-turn resulted in savings of  $2M in annual production cost for a chocolate manufacturing firm.

Remote Monitoring & Factory Automation

Implemented end-to-end IOT solution for a manufacturing unit to provide real time operational insights. The escalation matrix based alert system notifies the key stakeholders about specific KPI breaches and anomalies. The solution led to 10% annual cost savings at the plant through proactive monitoring and alert mechanism.

Team Profile


Connect to Practice Lead

Swati Gupta

Practice Lead – Digital

    • Advanced Analytics and Cognitive Computing
    • Economist with experience in sunrise sectors
    • Keynote speaker at various conclaves and symposiums
    •  Digital Transformation Expert

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